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SSS + 5W + 1V2T Standard Three Single-coils Wiring Diagram

SSS + 5W + 1V2T Standard Three Single-coils Wiring Diagram

Standard three single-coils with one volume and two tone controls
SSS + 5W + 1V2T

Higher output for bridge pickups
Many players choose our overwound single-coil for use in the bridge position. This is because a string's vibrating energy is less near the bridge than it is at the neck or middle positions. The overwound's higher output compensates for this, to give a nicely balanced output between all three pickups: neck/middle/bridge.

Setting your pickup height
Humbuckers are usually set closer to the strings than single-coils, because they have less of a focused magnetic pull. Start with a gap of about 3/32" under the bottom of the Low-E string when fretted at the highest fret, and a 1/16" gap under the High-E string. Raise or lower the heights of the neck and bridge pickups to find the tone/volume balance you like best.

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