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Sep. 5 ~ Sep. 30, GKS Early Autumn Sale~~PANGO MUSIC, make any guitar for you!
PANGO MUSIC, make any guitar for you


ZQN-006 Custom Design Guitar Kit (2023-04-17)

Original price $345.00 - Original price $345.00
Original price
$345.00 - $345.00
Current price $345.00

ZQN-006 Custom Design Guitar Kit (2023-04-17)

-Solid raw unpainted ash body, one piece if possible.
-No laminated top.
-No middle pickup spot.
-No control or input holes.

(Reference picture included)

-Stainless jumbo frets.
-Prefer 12" radius but 14" is fine.
-Please take time and good care on frets, I Want them level but with minimal level sanding and no short frets, please ensure they are all proper width.
-Real ebony fingerboard, not composite.
-No front inlays only side dots.
-Raw unpainted 5 piece roasted maple and walnut neck.---this neck is US$135
If walnut isn't available mahogany stripe is fine-- we recommend the Mahogany
-Back of head shaped like photo.

The total price is: 199+135+25-14= US$345

(135 is the neck, 25 is custom design fee for other details, 14 is for the hardware you don't need)

The building time is about 40 days 

once the kit ready, we will take some pics for you, so that you can check every detail.