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We can develop more guitars, but what you need is the point!
PANGO MUSIC, est.1988,make any guitar for you!
PANGO MUSIC, make any guitar for you


Solder Electrics Service

Original price $10.00 - Original price $10.00
Original price
$10.00 - $10.00
Current price $10.00

Solder Electrics Service

About our kits, you need to solder the electrics by yourself. More diagrams, pls visit our "Wiring Diagrams" page in the end of our store.

If need, we can solder the electrics for you, just $10. The building time is about 1~3 days. 

If you ordered a kit and need this service, just order it. pls don't buy this service only, which does not make sense. 

Once completed, we will take some photos and send them to your email.