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We will develop more guitar designs in 2024, hollow-carved design and more hardware options.
PANGO MUSIC, est.1988,make any guitar for you!
PANGO MUSIC, make any guitar for you


PYX-001S Custom Design Guitar Kit (2023-09-11)

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PYX-001S custom design guitar kit
Ash body
Direct-mount humbucker routing pickups --same as the pic 1

Six-Saddle Hardtail Bridge—same as the pic2

Controls—1v1t and three-way switch in a single cavity——same as the pic 3 4

Neck—Five Piece Maple/Walnut/Maple/Walnut/Maple with Rosewood Fretboard—same as the pic 5

24 frets
26.5 inches / 673.1mm neck scale length
Offset MOP Dots inlay--same as the pic 5

And all the remaining details are the same as PYX-001S

The building time is about 60 days. once ready, we will take some photos first, so that you can check every detail.