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Sep. 5 ~ Sep. 30, GKS Early Autumn Sale~~PANGO MUSIC, make any guitar for you!
PANGO MUSIC, make any guitar for you


Alder Body/ Roasted Maple Neck Headless Electric Guitar Guitar (PZM-317)

Original price $299.00 - Original price $299.00
Original price
$299.00 - $299.00
Current price $299.00

Model: PZM-316 Headless Guitar
Body: Alder 
Neck: Roasted Maple + Mahogany (5 pieces)
Fingerboard: Rosewood 
Inlay: Dot
Pickups: ARTEC brand
Nut: Bone
Frets: Stainless steel + ball ends
Handing time: 2~3 days
Packing: Foam case 
Shipping: EMS (about 25 days to door), US$25

Note: this is a finished guitar, not a kit, totally new, in perfect condition