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PANGO MUSIC, est.1988,make any guitar for you!
PANGO MUSIC, make any guitar for you


2 Custom Design Guitars (2023-11-23)

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Original price $553.00 - Original price $553.00
Original price
$553.00 - $553.00
Current price $553.00

1. PHB-750 custom guitar,
Flamed maple veneer
Abalone Headstcok logo---same as the pic 2
Abalone fretboard inlay
Headstock signature---same as the pic 3
Painting color: Northern lights color front and back of body and neck
Black front of headstcok
All the other details are same as PHB-750

2. Jazzmaster style custom design guitar as the photos 

the building time are about 60 days.

once these 2 guitars ready, we will take some photos for you, so that you can check every detail