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Sep. 5 ~ Sep. 30, GKS Early Autumn Sale~~PANGO MUSIC, make any guitar for you!
PANGO MUSIC, make any guitar for you


DIY Guitar Kit Building Instructions

There are ups and downs in the life. Whatever the situation is, you should not lose your joy of life. Life is for a limited period only and no one knows how long he/she will live, so why don’t you waste your precious time in fun things?

We are the biggest guitar kit online store, we can offer you the best guitar, kits, Mandolin, service and support! Just give us a chance, let’s make a dream guitar!

About all the DIY guitar kits in this store, all the details are the same with our photos, no doubt about this!

For every guitar & kit, we ask our workers to do the best for every detail. For every order, our workers will check every detail carefully before we ship it out. For every package, we will make sure that it will have a perfect safe journey to your home!

We build guitars since 1987. We think we know how to build a perfect guitar, only some diagrams or instructions may not help you much in fact. We want to help you build a real dream guitar.

So the "instructions" we have is a professional PDF book, where you can find all the guitar kit buidling info. If need, just contact us anytime, we will send it to your email then.

Buy any guitar kit here, you will love it once you get it, we believe.

Build it, build a dream guitar for yourself or your love! don't put it on the shelf. 

If you can make a Youtube video and share the finished guitar photos with us, we will refund US$15 to you immediately.

Buy it, build it, pls don't waste it :)

(If the kit has a veneer, there is surely some difference. If need, we can take some photos of the kit you will receive and send them to your email before we ship it out.)